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To keep its customers happy, Weis Markets, Inc. is currently opening a guest satisfaction survey on www. The Weis Feedback Survey is a mid-term innovation initiated by the company with several other goals besides making the customers happy.

One of the Weis Feedback Survey goals is to improve the services of supermarket staff that have been provided to consumers. In addition, the products are also not spared from improvement in terms of quality and price.

You can start checking what you need to take this survey by reading the article below. Here, you will not only find out what the survey requirements are, but you will also be guided from the start on how to complete the Weis Feedback Survey at www.weisfeedback.com.

About Weis

Weis Market, Inc. which at the beginning of its establishment 110 years ago carried the name Weis Pure Foods is a public company that manages the supermarket business.

The company founded by two brothers, Harry and Sigmund Weis, in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, earned the title as a revolutionary company because at that time they did not provide credit payment options.

To date, the company has remained consistent in serving customers in only a few states such as Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware. With a total of 196 supermarkets opened, more than 23,000 workers have been successfully employed in these states.

You can check products such as delicatessen, bakery, meat, general merchandise, seafood, snacks, drinks, produce, health & beauty, frozen foods, and pharmacy of various brands to add to your shopping cart.

Despite having to compete with other well-known supermarket trademarks such as Walmart and Dollar, Weis still exists to be one of the favorite choices of customers.

Weis Feedback Survey Details

Survey NameWeis Feedback Survey
Survey URLwww.weisfeedback.com
Survey Prize100 Weis reward points
Survey MethodBy online
Receipt ValidOne week
Survey Limit1 entry per week

Weis Feedback Survey Rewards

The prize you will get is quite unique, namely Weis points. You can exchange these points later for various promos, products, or services at Weis supermarkets.

Weis Feedback Survey Rules

  • You should be at least 18 years old by 2022 to legally take the Weis Feedback Survey.
  • You should be a citizen of the fifty states.
  • You should not be any employee of Weis Markets, Inc.

Weis Feedback Survey Requirement

  • You need a Weis Markets purchase receipt to do the Weis Feedback Survey.
  • You must prepare a laptop, PC, smartphone or any other browsing device.
  • An internet connection must be present.
  • You have to be able read the site in English language.

Steps to Finish the Weis Feedback Survey at www.weisfeedback.com

Weis Feedback Survey at www.weisfeedback.com

  1. Visit the www.weisfeedback.com to start entering the Weis Feedback Survey.
  2. There will be 2 ways to take the survey that you can choose. Choose the left one if you make an offline transaction and choose the right one if you make an online transaction via weis2GO.
  3. If you need official help, you can click the hyperlink at the bottom. Privacy policy is also provided if you want to read.
  4. Manually type the date & time of visit, store location, and reward card number.
  5. Click the ‘START’ menu to continue.
  6. There will be a series of questions which demand you to rate them based on your shopping experience at the Weis supermarket.
  7. Your rating should show how satisfied or not satisfied you are when you were shopping there.
  8. Your gender, age and other additional information may play role in answering and rating the questions.
  9. Provide all your personal details as one of the Weis Feedback Survey
  10. Lastly, submit the survey. At the end of it, all participants who are successfully done the Weis Feedback Survey at www.weisfeedback.com will be given with 100 Weis reward points.
  11. You may use the Weis reward point on your next supermarket visit to receive some nice offer.


There are several things that are certainly a factor in the success or failure of a business. Likewise with Weis Markets, Inc., they are trying to maintain the success they have achieved so far and even want to increase it again through this Weis Feedback Survey.