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The Fresh Market Survey is the first step used by company team in establishing cooperation between them and their customers to contribute to the development of the company. Your contribution doesn’t mean you have to go directly into thinking about the company’s growth, but rather the voice that you will give.

Every time you voice your opinion through this survey at, you are already getting credit for help. The credit you get is in the form of a small gift that you can take after completing The Fresh Market Survey.

About the Fresh Market

40 years ago, two brothers Ray Berry and Beverly Berry, united their minds on starting a European-style grocery store with their first store opening in Greensboro, North Carolina. As of 2022, The Fresh Market has opened more than 150 stores in various states in the United States.

The Fresh Market Survey at

The head office is located in the store that opened for the first time. During running its business, the company has experienced 3 disputes due to the use of the shop name as a trademark, which is similar to other companies and is too common to use.

All three ended in defeat for The Fresh Market, so they were forced to change the name of the store located in several disputed locations. The market providing the needs of community for more than a third of a century is of course sometimes mistakes were made.

As mentioned above, this survey is one of the ways used by the company’s team to maintain and even develop their trademark.

The Fresh Market Survey Details

Survey NameThe Fresh Market Survey
Survey PrizeA $500 The Fresh Market gift card
Survey MethodOnline or Mail
Survey LimitUnlimited
Receipt ValidA week

The Fresh Market Survey Rewards

The prizes provided by the companies offered in this survey are quite expensive for you to exchange for products at The Fresh Market. Unfortunately, not all who have ordained themselves completing the survey will get a $500 gift card since only one winner is entitled to it.

To increase your chances of winning the gift card that is drawn monthly, you can take The Fresh Market Survey repeatedly because there is no participation limit. But remember, one purchase receipt is only valid for use in one survey.

The Fresh Market Survey Rules

  • This The Fresh Market Survey is only legal to the residents of the District of Columbia and the United States.
  • Every resident participating has to be older than 17 years old.
  • Your purchase receipt will only be valid to be used for the survey within 7 days.
  • Everyone who works under this market as well as their families are not eligible to take The Fresh Market Survey.

The Fresh Market Survey Requirement

  • At least one The Fresh Market purchase receipt on your hand.
  • The survey requires all participants to understand basic Spanish or English.
  • Any online device to access The Fresh Market Survey.

Steps to Finish the Fresh Market Survey at

  1. Enter the site address,, on your device to begin the easy The Fresh Market Survey.
  2. If you prefer to use Spanish language, change the language by clicking Espanol hyperlink.
  3. For more complete details of privacy policy, sweepstakes rules, and terms of service, you can access them on the bottom of the welcome screen.
  4. Input the 16-invitation code that you can see in your receipt.
  5. Click the green highlighted Start menu to start the survey.
  6. There are several questions and or statements that you must continue to answer until they are all finished.
  7. Leave a sentence or two in the comment box before ending the survey.
  8. To be included in the monthly raffle, you must complete your personal data which includes your email address, phone number, and real name.
  9. Finalize The Fresh Market Survey and wait for an announcement from the company to be sent directly to you.


The Fresh Market Survey at only takes about 10 minutes for you to work until it is finished. Well, hopefully you will be moved to take the survey with the above guide.