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Anyone who is interested about the Party City Feedback Survey and is planning to do one, you may read thoroughly this article. Everything you need to know about it can be found in full here.

This survey at was deliberately made and designed with the intention of gathering all opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages experienced by customers when visiting for shopping for party needs.

In short, you as a participant can put anything in this Party City Feedback Survey. For example, if you do not like the service provided by the employees, then you can convey it through questions in Party City Feedback Survey later.

Party City Feedback Survey at

You can also rate the items you bought if you are not happy with the quality of the items.

About Party City

Party City is a retail, manufacturing, as well as distribution company that specialize in the business of procuring party goods and equipment. It was founded by Steve Mandell in 1986 since he discovered the fact that at that time, there was no big party dominating the party needs market.

After opening its first store in East Hannover, New Jersey, 3 years later the company opened its first franchise in Hazlet, New Jersey.

After the success of opening its first franchise, the company continues to grow by opening another franchise branch, starting with North America and then expanding to South America and Worldwide.

Customers can buy various needs of large and small parties as well as for events such as Passover, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and many more. With total revenue of over $2 billion, Party City employs more than 10,000 people in all of its store branches.

Party City Feedback Survey Details

Survey NameParty City Feedback Survey
Survey Prize$5 off voucher
Survey MethodBy online
Survey LimitOne purchase receipt per entry
Receipt Valid4 weeks
Price Valid1 week

Party City Feedback Survey Rewards

Party City guarantees all those who successfully complete the Party City Feedback Survey will take home a $5 discount voucher. You will receive this discount voucher later in the form of a code number that you can use at one of the Party City branches.

This gift voucher code is only valid for one week after being displayed by the system on the survey website. Therefore, don’t forget to use it to get a discount when shopping for knick-knacks for party needs.

Party City Feedback Survey Rules

  • Party City Feedback Survey only opens to all resident of USA, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Minimum age to validly join is 18 years old.
  • All entrants are not working in Party City and not one of their family members.

Party City Feedback Survey Requirement

  • Internet access and a computer must be available for you to take the Party City Feedback Survey.
  • The ability to read one language, English or Spanish, is a must.
  • A newest Party City receipt with invitation code printed.

Steps to Finish the Party City Feedback Survey at

  1. If you don’t have a Party City receipt, you should make a purchase first in any Party City store to get one.
  2. Have your internet browser to open to start the Party City Feedback Survey.
  3. The original survey language is English. You may change it into Spanish language if you want it.
  4. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are here for your sake.
  5. There are five fields that you must fill in according to your Party City purchase receipt.
  6. Input in order the store, transaction, & register number and then the date & time.
  7. Start’ must be clicked to continue.
  8. A list of questions with a rating type will come to you. Answer according to how you felt during your last shopping.
  9. There is a section where you are asked to write feedback. Write down what you really want to say to Party City.
  10. Finish the Party City Feedback Survey by submitting it and grab the prize code.


Party City is serious about managing their business to stay at the best level by conducting this guest survey. If any of your friends or family have shopped there and have not heard of this Party City Feedback Survey, just let them know, so they can join it at