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Hopefully, by reading the following guide, it can provide the slightest assistance to those of you who are curious to take part in the Goody’s Store Survey. The following guide contains details, starting from the prizes you will get, survey requirements, and the steps to take the Goody’s Store Survey from the beginning.

The Goody’s Store Survey at is designed not to have complicated requirements, so anyone can take it easily. The estimated time you need to complete the survey is also not so long which only takes about 10 minutes.

This Goody’s Store Survey has received special attention from the company’s management because they hope that all the feedback you provide later can help them in bringing the company to a better direction.

There is no specific or general prohibition for you to submit your voice here since the management will accept all good and or bad feedback with open arms.

About Goody’s Store

Goody’s Family Clothing Inc. (Goody’s Store) is a chain that operates department stores business which is a subsidiary operated and owned by Stage Stores.

The company specializing in selling on trend retail goods such as housewares, footwear, cosmetics, accessories, and apparels has its head office in Houston, Texas, the United States.

Goody’s was founded 69 years ago in Athens, Tennessee by M. D. Goodfriend as a branch of The M. Goodfriend Store. However, Goody’s gradually managed to establish itself as a single company that successfully opened up to 20 stores in 1970.

Until 2010, Goody’s is recorded to have more than 500 stores spread across several states in the southern, Midwest, and Southeast regions. In 2010, Goody’s went bankrupt and had to be bought by BrandX in 2021 to get a reestablishment this year.

Goody’s Store Survey Details

Survey NameGoody’s Store Survey
Survey PrizeA $300 Goody’s Store gift card
Survey MethodBy online
Survey LimitOne entrant per day

Goody’s Store Survey Rewards

Goody’s Store offers anyone an opportunity to win a $300 gift card to anyone who successfully completes the survey from start to finish. This prize is not given for free but through a drawing system that is automatically carried out after you submit the Goody’s Store Survey.

You are free to use the gift card to shop for any items sold in department stores. If the total amount of items you have to pay exceeds $300, you must be prepared to pay the shortfall.

Goody’s Store Survey Rules

  • The minimum age requirement to validly take the survey is 18 years old.
  • You are restricted from joining the Goody’s Store Survey unless you are the residents of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • If you win, the prize you get cannot be redeemed with cash and combined with other promos.
  • All Goody’s Store employees as well as their affiliates are banned from taking the survey.

Goody’s Store Survey Requirement

  • A printed receipt from Goody’s Store’s cashier.
  • You should be able to read the Goody’s Store Survey website which is available in Spanish and English language.
  • A tablet, smartphone, computer or any kind of device which is capable of going online with a stable ping.
  • An email ID that is still active to get winner notification.

Steps to Take the Goody’s Store Survey at

Goody’s Store Survey at

  1. Go to the official survey website at
  2. Select one of the languages available and read the Goody’s Store Survey rules and instructions.
  3. Look at your Goody’s Store purchase receipt and input the invitation code.
  4. Confirm your age and begin to advance into the next step.
  5. Fill out every single question and statement regarding Goody’s Store.
  6. Your answers should be based on your own experience when you made purchase at any Goody’s Store department store.
  7. It would be best to completely answer the questions provided to increase your winning chance.
  8. Include your contact details on the next page.
  9. Submit the survey and wait for an announcement of the sweepstakes winner via email or website.


The Goody’s Store Survey held at and sponsored directly by Goody’s Store will not reveal the slightest bit of all the information you have submitted. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about following it.