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The ExxonMobil survey is an online-based questionnaire available at www.myexxonmobilvisit.com. This platform is created for the customers of the ExxonMobil to send their feedback and receive a participating reward. The insights provided by the participants are going to be utilized by the company to make improvements in needed areas and establish a better experience for its customers.

Interested in joining the survey? If so, then you may proceed of reading the following article. Below, you will discover an array of information related to the survey to participate properly and gain an interesting reward.

About ExxonMobil Survey

ExxonMobil Survey

Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is more commonly referred to as ExxonMobil, is a global gas and oil company based in the United States. It has the main office located in Irving Texas. The company was established in late 1999 from the merger between the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (as Exxon) and the Standard Oil Company of New York (as Mobil). There are several brands operated by the company, including ExxonMobil Chemical, Esso, Exxon, and Mobil.

ExxonMobil provides a wide range of products and services for its customers – mainly oil change. In order to acknowledge the needs and preferences of the customers, it commits to gather their opinions and reviews regarding the company. The online ExxonMobil survey, which can be accessible through www.myexxonmobilvisit.com, is built and provided to collect the feedbacks from the customers that will allow the company to create improvements continuously.

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Myexxonmobilvisit.com Survey Rewards

If you are a participant of the ExxonMobil survey and you have successfully completed the questionnaire, you will receive a special reward. The reward that’s available for joining this survey is a chance to win $500 gift card via sweepstake.

Myexxonmobilvisit.com Survey Rewards

ExxonMobil Survey Rules and Eligibility

  • Be at legal age (18 years or above).
  • Be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Keep your receipt as a proof of purchasing from ExxonMobil.
  • Participate maximum once a month.
  • Join the survey at least 14 days after you’ve made your purchase.
  • Do not transfer your prize if you’re chosen as the winner of gift car.
  • Do not participate in the survey if you are an ExxonMobil’s employee.

ExxonMobil Survey Needs

  • Your purchase receipt from one of ExxonMobil locations.
  • English or Spanish language understanding.
  • A compatible device with internet access.
  • An email address.

ExxonMobil Survey at www.myexxonmobilvisit.com

  • Visit the ExxonMobil survey website address at www.myexxonmobilvisit.com.
  • Choose which language between English or Spanish that you prefer.
  • Press the menu ‘Begin Survey’.ExxonMobil Survey at www.myexxonmobilvisit.com
  • Choose the location of the ExxonMobil store you visited.ExxonMobil Customer Feedback Survey
  • Answer the offered questions related to your experience as an ExxonMobil’s customer, by rating out each item in the questionnaire.
  • Complete the ExxonMobil survey until the last question.
  • Input your required personal details to join the sweepstake after finishing to answer all the questions.
  • Submit your feedbacks and acquire your chance to win the gift card via sweepstake.

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As a customer, your contribution will help the company to build services and offer better customer experiences. It is also recommended to join the ExxonMobil survey as soon as you made a visit to the store as your experience is still fresh in your mind.