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Do you have any opinions about your purchased Kawasaki vehicles or your acquired motorcycle service? If that’s the case, then consider joining the Kawasaki Owners survey that is conducted online at www.kawasaki-research.com/KOS/MC. This platform is built with the aim to collect feedback from the customers of the company.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., which is commonly referred simply as Kawasaki, is a Japanese-based global company manufacturer of motorcycles, powertrains, ships, rolling stocks, and defense and aerospace equipment. The main office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Aside from the vehicle industry, the company also runs industrial robots productions and other products such as boilers, pumps, and gas turbines.

If you have experienced buying products and getting services from Kawasaki, then you have a chance to share your thoughts and obtain better experience in the future by joining this particular online survey. Through the Kawasaki Owners survey, not only you can participate and reveal your opinions, but also receive rewards.

Kawasaki Owners’ Survey

Additional details about the survey can be found in this article. Do read, learn, and follow the provided information below if you’re interested in participating on this survey.

Kawasaki Owners’ Survey Rewards

By the end of the Kawasaki Owners survey, a merchandise gift from Kawasaki is available to be received by each participant. For those who want to win the merchandise, check your eligibility first to be a participant in this survey by reading the following section.

Kawasaki Owners’ Survey Rewards

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Kawasaki Owners’ Survey Rules and Eligibility

  • You are not required to make minimum amount of purchase.
  • You have to be at legal age already by the time of entrance.
  • You are only allowed to enter the survey once for one time purchase.
  • You have to register your email address.
  • You have to agree of taxes responsibility if you are chosen as winner.
  • You can only enter the sweepstake maximum once per month.
  • You cannot transmit the prize to other person.
  • You cannot participate in this survey if you’re working in Kawasaki or if you’re a family member of one.

 Kawasaki Guest Feedback Survey Requirements

  • Understand one of the language options (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Svenska, or Dutch).
  • Use device with internet connection to join the survey.
  • Register your email address.
  • Be willing to reveal your experience with Kawasaki company.

Kawasaki Owners’ Survey at www.kawasaki-research.com/KOS/MC

  • Go to the Kawasaki Owners survey official site address at www.kawasaki-research.com/KOS/MC.
  • Select one of the available language as you prefer.Kawasaki Owners’ Survey at www.kawasaki-research.com/KOS/MC
  • Click ‘Agree to the Privacy’ message.Kawasaki Guest Feedback Survey
  • Type in your vehicle identification number that comprises of 17 digits.
  • Click ‘Next Page’ to proceed.Kawasaki Customer Opinion Survey
  • Respond to each item provided in the set of questionnaire according to your experience of being the customer of Kawasaki company with genuine answer.
  • Complete the Kawasaki Owners survey and present your personal details.
  • Submit your answered survey and grab your chance to win the merchandise gift from Kawasaki.

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Every opinion from customers is highly valued by Kawasaki. By participating in this 15-minutes Kawasaki Owners survey, you can contribute to the company’s research and influence their decisions of promotional, marketing, and product developments.