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IKEA Survey at www.ikea.com/survey – IKEA is a global brand that provides home furnishings products, which is well-known for their unique product design approach. Not only the brand offers functional, relatively affordable, accessible, attractive, and sustainable items, but also is passionate about collecting customer insights of their products and services. If you have any feedback that’s going help the company to improve customer shopping experience, then you may want to take a part in the IKEA Survey.

The company of IKEA was established in Sweden, with headquarters both in Sweden and Dutch. It is popular of designing and marketing home furniture, kitchen appliances, and other ready-to-assemble furnishing, along with other home services and goods. Since it was founded in 1943, the company has risen as one of the largest furniture retailer in the world.

The online IKEA Survey is accessible for all of its customers at www.ikea.com/survey, which requires you to provide your invitation code. As a form of appreciation of taking a part in this survey, it presents a surprise gift by the end of its completion.  Now, this guide article will walk you through the important information you will need to be one of the survey’s participants.

www.ikea.com/survey Rewards

IKEA Survey

Win a Surprise Gift

For the exchange of your consumed time and effort of participating in the IKEA Survey, the participants are qualified to be a winner of IKEA surprise gift.

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IKEA Survey Rules and Requirements

  • Keep and provide your most recent sale receipt from IKEA.
  • Submit the date and time of visit, transaction number, and store number of IKEA as written on your receipt.
  • Be at legal age (18 years or over).
  • Join maximum once for one time purchase.
  • Be willing to share your IKEA visiting and shopping experiences.
  • Use device with decent internet connection.
  • Redeem your rewards within a month or 30 days after taking the survey.
  • Do not exchange the acquired gift with cash instead.
  • Do not participate in the survey if you’re and IKEA employee or affiliate.

IKEA Survey at www.ikea.com/survey

  • Go to the IKEA Survey online site address at www.ikea.com/survey.IKEA Survey at www.ikea.com/survey
  • Type in your name for identification purpose, then choose the store and category from the available list.
  • Type in your feedbacks in the provided fields, and present your responses of the asked questions in the survey then press ‘Done’.
  • Complete the session by submitting your demographic information.
  • Conclude the IKEA Survey by obtaining your validation code to acquire a surprise gift.

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The feedbacks you submitted via IKEA Survey will be used by the company to acknowledge which areas that require attention and action according to their customers. It also benefits you as you can get a gift simply by completing the customer survey.