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Aramark Healthcare survey is an online platform that hosted survey available at It is primarily conducted to garner feedbacks from Aramark clients regarding their experiences of using the services. The contribution made by the clients will help the company to make improvement in the areas that deemed as required. In order to join this survey, the participants need to have an invitation code.

The survey provides a reward for the participant who can complete the questionnaire successfully. Learn further details about Aramark Healthcare survey below.

Aramark Healthcare Survey Rewards

Aramark Healthcare Survey Rewards

All respondent of Aramark Healthcare survey are offered with reward after they have finished providing their responses. The available reward in 10 chances of being selected to win $1,000 in daily basis, and one chance of being selected to win $1,500 in weekly basis.

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Aramark Healthcare Survey Rules

  • A resident of the USA.
  • Participate once for one household.
  • Participate once for one purchase.
  • Have one chance to win the prize.
  • Not allowed to transmit the prize for selected winner.
  • Submit an email address for contacting purpose.
  • Not an employee of Aramark Corporation.

Aramark Healthcare Survey Requirements

  • Be at legal age (18 years or above).
  • Keep a receipt that proofs you have used Aramark Healthcare service.
  • Understand at least one of the language options available (English, Spanish, or French).
  • Use an internet-connected device.
  • Submit an email address.

Aramark Healthcare Survey at

  • Go to Aramark Healthcare survey site address at
  • Select the language you’d like to use.
  • Tap the “Arrow” button.Aramark Healthcare Survey at
  • Select your city location.
  • Tap the “Arrow” button.Aramark Healthcare Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • Provide your rating according to your personal experience of being Aramark Healthcare client, both in general and in specific aspects as asked by each item in the questionnaire, by using a scale from highly dissatisfied to high satisfied.
  • Complete all items in the questionnaire.
  • Submit your personal details as the site requires.
  • State your agreement to join the sweepstake after the survey, then tap ‘Yes’.
  • Finally, conclude the Aramark Healthcare survey and obtain your opportunity to win $1,000 in daily basis, and one chance of being selected to win $1,500 in weekly basis.

About Aramark Healthcare

Aramark Healthcare Survey

Aramark Corporation, or simply typically referred to as Aramark, is an American-based company that runs various services to their clients in the fields of healthcare, educations, leisure, prisons, and business that currently has the main office located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. Even though it mainly operates in the United States and Canada, its services are also available in other 20 countries, including Chile, Spain, Germany, UK, Ireland, South Korea, Philippines. According to the most recent data, the company had achieved more than $14.6 billion of revenue in 2018.

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To join Aramark Healthcare survey, you can simply head out to www.healthcarediningvoice where you will be provided with a set of questions. All of the items inside of the questionnaire are designed to measure your satisfaction level of the company’s offered service and will contribute to the insights used by the company to determine what areas they need to be improved in.