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Garage Survey at – Are you a frequent customer who just recently shopped at Garage Store? The clothing store that mainly offers goods for young women and established in 1975 is now making an online survey available to gather feedbacks regarding their customers’ satisfaction. All of its customers on Canada are going to be able to share their thoughts about the products and service offered by the company through this Garage survey.

If you are interested in participating in the Garage survey and planning to join it soon, make sure you don’t miss your chance by completing the questionnaire correctly. The following article is going to walk you through all the things you need to know to take part in this survey. Moreover, it will also tell you what rewards provided for those who sign up as the participants. So, continue to read the information below to proceed.

Garage Survey

Garage Survey Rewards

All the participants who have joined and completed the Garage survey are going to receive reward as a form of appreciation for their willingness from the company. As an exchange for your valuable time to provide response to this survey, you will receive a special 15% discount through a unique code that you can use on your upcoming purchase on one of the Garage stores. Keep in mind to bring this code on your next visit to acquire the discount.

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Garage Survey Rules

  • Must be a legal resident of Canada.
  • Must be 18 age or older during the entry time.
  • No minimal amount of purchase is required.
  • The amount of maximum participation is once a day.
  • Must provide email address to receive the discount code.
  • Must use the discount code within 14 days after acquiring it.
  • Prohibited from transferring the discount code to other party.
  • Must not be an employee or has affiliation with the Garage clothing company.

Garage Feedback Survey Requirements

  • The latest purchase receipt of Garage clothing store.
  • A device with internet connection.
  • Understanding of English/French as used language in the survey.

Garage Survey at

  • Go to the Garage survey site at in no more than three days after visiting the store.
  • Select between English or French as your preferred language.Garage Survey at
  • Input the entry code of the survey that comprises of 11 digits on your purchase receipt.
  • Press ‘Start’ to begin the survey.Garage Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Read each question thoroughly before you provide your answer.
  • Present your response to each item in the questionnaire based on the satisfaction level of your visiting experience, which involves the products, services, and other aspects of the Garage store.
  • Input your suggestions or complaints if you have any.
  • Add your personal information for identification purpose, which includes your name and contact details.
  • Press ‘Next’ to wrap up the Garage survey.
  • Wait until you receive the 15% special discount code and use it within 14 days after acquiring it.

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The Garage survey can be a great opportunity for customers of this clothing store to leave their feedbacks to the company. Not to mention, you can obtain special discount by completing this survey in a mere several minutes.